20 May

How would you feel if you could earn money while you sleep, eat, shop or work at your primary job? Many people have never heard of Affiliate Marketing but it surrounds our daily life in so ways that you may not have considered. Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money where everyone wins. The manufacturer, the agent and the consumer. 

The consumer has the opportunity to get a product that they may never have heard of to fill a need or a brand that is well known but may have had an expert explanation to assist on a purchase. he agent has minimal overheads and the knowledge that a commission is on its way with no responsibility and the manufacturer gets to sell a product or service. Wouldn't you say that is a win all around? 

For some with social media connections, it is a "no brainer", for others with organisational experience a little bit of planning but the main hook is no skills, age limit or bank loan is required, just elbow grease and time! Oh, just in case you feel this sounds like a get rich scheme, if you do your research you will find 000's of massive brand use agents to sell their products and even holiday companies who you see on television are affiliates, The growth of the industry shows no sign of decline and if you look into "influencer " or celebrity endorsement, this is a vehicle to print money.

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